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A LONG VIEW: Central Idaho RAC Approved $4.6 million in Forest Projects 2002 – 2012

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In May 2012 the Salmon-Challis National Forest will begin implementing the final year of Title II projects.  The Central Idaho Resource Advisory Committee (CIRAC) has worked with the forest over the past eleven years to recommend some 237 natural resource projects totaling $4,606,856. The funding was made available to Butte, Custer and Lemhi counties through Title II of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2001, and reauthorized in 2008.

A contractor uses an excavator with a masticating head to clear brush from the edge of the Stormy Peak Road. The project was one of a number or road maintenance projects completed using Title II funds.

During the first seven years the RAC had about $126,000 per year to recommend projects. Then in December of 2008 the SRS Act was reapproved and the CIRAC re-chartered for four more years. Changes in the payments to states formula and county appropriation provided much more money for Title II projects.

To say the least.  Indeed, the Central Idaho RAC received more funding in 2009 alone – $1,006,240 – than the cumulative total it had received between 2002 and 2008 of $882,278. The RAC approved $3,724,578 for projects during 2009 through 2012. The funding and the RAC’s authority to recommend projects expired September 30, 2011. Read more…

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In Memory of Adena Cook

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Adena Cook passed away on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Boise.  Adena served a term on the Eastern Idaho RAC, appointed mid-decade by the Secretary of Agriculture. 

Adena was one of the founders of the Blue Ribbon Coalition.  You can read their tribute to her at this link.  Her obituary is published here.

In addition to being on the Eastern Idaho RAC, Adena also was appointed to the Roadless Area Conservation National Advisory Committee (RACNAC), and advised the Forest Service on the state roadless rule petitions for Idaho and Colorado, and she participated in the RACNAC deliberations and advice on the Idaho Roadless Rule that was adopted in 2008.

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In Memory of Dave Whaley

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Dave Whaley died April 4, 2012.  News of his passing was posted in the afternoon at  Dave served the past eleven years on the Southwest Idaho RAC, representing organized labor interests.  Since 2007 Dave served as Chairman of the Southwest Idaho RAC.  He was 54.

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